Pisqa’ 30

Pisqa’ 301


“And we stayed at the valley near Beth Peor” (Dt.3:29)—

Moses said to them:

what caused us to stay in the valley?

The evil deeds we committed in [the name of] Peor.


Another word:

Moses said to them:

notice the difference between you and me!

For how many prayers, petitions, and entreaties

did I make—

yet it was decreed that

I not enter the Land!

But you! You angered Him

for forty years in the wilderness,

as it is said:

“For forty years I was angry with that generation” (Ps.95:10).

Moreover, the greatest among you prostrated yourselves in [the service of] Peor!

Even so, His right hand is still extended

to receive penitents!2


“And now, Israel! Hear the statutes” (Dt.4:1)


you’re as good as new, already forgiven for the past!

  1. H:55; JN1:82.
  2. // Sifre Nu, 136.