Pisqa’ 316

Pisqa’ 3161


“He ensconced him above the heights of the Land” (Dt.32:13)—

referring to the Land of Israel,

which is higher than all other lands.

Accordingly, it is stated:

“Let us ascend immediately, to possess it!” (Nu.13:30).

And He says:

“And they ascended and scouted the Land,

ascending through the Negev, and reaching Hebron” (Nu.13:21-22).

And in conclusion, it is said:

“They ascended from Egypt” (Gn.45:25).


“And he ate the yield of My fields” (Dt.32:13)—

these are the fruits of the Land of Israel,

which are easier to digest than the fruits of all other lands.

“And He suckled him on honey from a boulder” (Dt.32:13)—

as in Sikhnin2 and its neighboring villages.

It once happened that

R. Judah said to his son:

Go and bring me dried figs from the barrel!

He replied:

Father! This barrel has honey in it!

He answered:

If you really dig around in there,

you’ll be able get figs from it.


“And oil from a flinty rock” (Dt.32:13)—

this refers to the olives of Gush Khalav3.

It once happened thatYose said to his son in Sepphoris:

R. Yose said to his son in Sepphoris:

Go and bring us olives from the attic!

He went and discovered the attic

over-flowing with oil.

  1. H:322-323; JN2:340.
  2. Sikhnin (or Sakhnin) is a village of the lower Galilee, east of Akko.
  3. Also known, in Greek, as Gischala. Situated in the upper Galilee near contemporary Tzfat.