Pisqa’ 330

Pisqa’ 3301


“When I raise My hand to Heaven” (Dt.32:40)—

When the Blessed Holy One created the world,

He created it only with utterances,2

and He created it only with oaths—

[each utterance equivalent to an oath].

Now who caused Him to create with oaths?

                             Those of little trust caused Him to create with oaths,

as it is said:

“Then He raised His hand, swearing concerning them,

to abandon their corpses in the wasteland” (Ps.106:26).

[And further:]

“I raised My hand,

swearing concerning the nations surrounding you” (Ezek.36:7)


“And I will say: As I live for eternity!” (Dt.32:40)—

The nature of flesh and blood is so unlike

the nature of the Blessed Holy One!

As for the nature of flesh and blood:

A governor3 who begins to administer a province —

if he can retaliate against

his predecessor immediately,

[to establish his authority,]

he retaliates.

But if he does not,

after a time, he can no longer retaliate.

Now, the One Who Spoke the World into Being

has no such limitation.

If He doesn’t exact [immediate] retribution

from the living, He exacts it [later] from the dead;

And if He doesn’t exact retribution [from the dead] in this eon,

He exacts it in the coming eon!

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