Pisqa’ 64

Pisqa’ 641


“And you shall eat there before HASHEM your God” (Dt.12:7)—

in the partitioned area

[in the Courtyard designated for the consumption of Most-holy offerings].2

“And you shall rejoice” (Dt.12:7)—

rejoicing is mentioned here,

and rejoicing is mentioned elsewhere (viz., Dt.27:7).

Just as the rejoicing mentioned elsewhere is

[aroused by eating]

the Communion-offering (shelamim),3

so, too, the rejoicing mentioned here is

[aroused by eating] the Communion-offering.


“In all the work of your hands” (Dt.12:7)—

whatever you set your hands to do,

upon that very thing will I send a blessing.

“You and your households” (Dt.12:7)—

this refers to one’s wife.4

With which HASHEM your God has blessed you” (Dt.12:7)—

each person shall bring his offering

in proportion to his blessing.

  1. H:119-120;JN1:196.
  2. As listed at M. Zev.5:1-6.
  3. Often translated as “Peace Offering” on the basis of etymology (sh-l-m). Since the offering is normally eaten “before HASHEM” by those who offer it, I translate the term on the basis of its sacrificial function.
  4. =M. Yoma 1:1.Cf. also T. Sotah 7:20.