Pisqa’ 66

Pisqa’ 661


Until when

[did sacrifice at cultic sites continue]?

“For you have yet to reach the refuge and the inheritance (Dt.12:9)—

permission to use the cultic sites was granted

from the time of taking refuge in the Land

till the time of receiving the inheritance of the Land.

Now, refuge refers to the cultic site at Shiloh,

while inheritance refers to Jerusalem

as it is stated:

This [i.e., “Zion”] is my refuge forever” (Ps.132:14):

words of R. Shimon.

R. Judah says:

matters must be just the opposite,

[for refuge clearly refers to Jerusalem,

while, inheritance refers to Shiloh]!2

  1. H:120-121;JN1:198.
  2. //T. Zev.13:20. The toseftan parallel offers a smoother reading of the dispute between R. Judah and R. Shimon over the epithets applicable to Shilo and Jerusalem: What is represented by “refuge?” This is Shiloh.And “inheritance?” This is Jerusalem,As it is said: (Dt.12:9) . . :Words of R. JudahR.. Shimon says: “Inheritance”—this is Shiloh;“refuge”—this is Jerusalem, As it is said: (Ps.132;14).Compare Pisqa’ 1.28 on the epithet, “refuge” applied to Jerusalem. See also H:423, n.2 (66).