Pisqa’ 68

Pisqa’ 681


“Your Holocaust-offerings” (Dt.12:11)—

both the private Holocaust-offerings

and the communal Holocaust-offerings.

“Your sacrifices” (Dt.12:11)—

both the private Communion-offerings

and the communal Communion-offerings.

“Your Tithes” (Dt.12:11)—

R. Akiva says:

This verse speaks of two distinct Tithes.

One is the Tithe of grain,

and the other is the Tithe of cattle.2

“And your Threshing-floor-offering”3 (Dt.12:11)—

this is the First-fruits-offering (bikurim).

“And all the choicest of your Vow-offerings

which you vow to HASHEM” (Dt.12:11)—

this includes the specification that

Vow-offerings and Voluntary-offerings

may be offered only from the finest.4

I might infer only the inclusion of

Vow-offerings and Voluntary-offerings.

On what basis do I include

Firstlings, Tithes, Purification–offerings and Guilt-offerings?

Does the Teaching state:

The choicest of your Vow-offerings”?

[No, it states:]

All the choicest of your Vow-offerings” (Dt.12:11)—

[all includes the other Most-Holy offerings as well]!


Rabbi says:

If the various offerings are enumerated above (Dt.12:6),

why are they enumerated below (Dt.12:11)?

The [offerings enumerated in] the first list

[were meant for] the shrine at Shiloh,

but the [offerings enumerated in] the second list

[were meant for] the shrine at Jerusalem.

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