Pisqa’ 69

Pisqa’ 691


“And you shall rejoice” (Dt.12:12)—

the term rejoice is mentioned here,

and the term rejoice is mentioned elsewhere (viz., Dt.27:7).

Just as the rejoicing mentioned elsewhere

is [aroused by eating] the Communion-offering,

so, too, the rejoicing mentioned here

is [aroused by eating] the Communion-offering.

“Before HASHEM your God” (Dt.12:12)—

in the partitioned area

[within Jerusalem’s walls, set aside for the consumption of

Lesser-Holy offerings].

“You, your sons, your daughters, and your slaves, and your slave-girls” (Dt.12:12)—

in [the listing of] these dependants, the most precious take precedence.

“And the Levite who is within your gates” (Dt.12:12).

Anywhere you find this Levite2

the instruction is: Give him his portion,

[the First-tithe (ma`aser ri’shon)].

If he can’t survive on his portion,

then sustain him from the Pauper’s-tithe (ma`aser `oni; Dt.14:28-29).

If he can’t survive on the Pauper’s-tithe,

then sustain him from Communion-offerings (shelamim).3

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  3. Cf. Pisqa’ 74.2.