Pisqa’ 83

Pisqa’ 831


“If there arises among you a prophet . . . saying:

Let us follow after other gods . . . do not listen to the words of that prophet” (Dt.13:2-4).

Just as Moses

introduced his prophecies with:

“Thus said HASHEM” (Ex.5:1),

so, too, other [would-be] prophets will proclaim:

“Thus said HASHEM”2


Just as Moses

delivered part [of the prophecy] and fulfilled part of it,

so, too, other [would-be] prophets will

deliver part and fulfill part.

Just as Moses

spoke in general terms

and provided their particulars,

so, too, other [would-be] prophets will speak in general terms

and provide their particulars.

Or [perhaps we can reason as follows]:

just as Moses was an Elder,

and eighty years old,

and Amram’s son,

is it possible to say that

other [would-be] prophets [must meet these criteria] as well?

[Of course not!]

For the Teaching states:

“A prophet” (Dt.13:2)—

[who] in any way

[imitates Moses’ prophetic criteria is suspect].


“Or a dreamer of dreams” (Dt.13:2).

Inferring from what is stated of Moses:

“Mouth to mouth do I speak with him” (Nu.12:8)—

[the Holy One spoke to Moses without the mediation of dreams].

Is it possible to say that

other [would-be] prophets will claim this as well?

The Teaching states:

“Or a dreamer of dreams” (Dt.13:2)3

[thus, we ignore a prophet

claiming dream-oracles as his authority].

“Among you” (Dt,13:2)—

you includes a woman [claiming prophetic authority].

“And he shows you a sign” (‘ot; Dt.13:2)—

in the Heavens.

And so He says

[of the heavenly lights]:

“And they shall serve as signs(‘otot; Gn.1:14).

“Or a prodigious deed” (Dt.13:2)—on earth.

And so He says:

“If there is dew on the fleece alone,

and all the earth around it is dry” (Jud.6:37)—

what does He say next ?

“Then God did it” (Jud.6:40)!

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