Pisqa’ 85

Pisqa’ 851


Follow after HASHEM your God” (Dt.13:5)—

thus, follow the Cloud [by day].

“And Him shall you revere” (Dt.13:5)—

you should stand in awe of Him.

“And His commandments” (Dt.13:5)—

these are the prescriptions.

“Shall you preserve” (Dt.13:5)—

by identifying [and avoiding] the proscriptions.2

“And to His voice shall you listen” (Dt.13:5)—

to the voice of His prophets.

“And Him shall you serve” (Dt.13:5)—

serve Him with [study of] his Torah,

and serve Him [with sacrificial offerings]

in His Holy Shrine.

“And to Him shall you cling” (Dt.13:5)—

separate yourselves from serving a foreign cult,

and cling to the All-Present.

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  2. On the textual basis of this translation, see F:150, n.5 and H:428, Pisqa’ 85, n.1.