Pisqa’ 90

Pisqa’ 901


“You must pelt him with stones till he dies” (Dt.13:11).

Is it possible to claim that

this execution requires many stones?

The Teaching states,

[in the context of sorcery]:

“A man or a woman . . . shall be pummeled with the stone” (Lv.20:27).

If the verse specifies, the stone,

is it possible to say that

they must execute with a single stone?

The Teaching states:

“With stones” (Dt.13:11).

From this, you may conclude that

if he doesn’t die from the first,

let him die from the second.2


“For he has sought to lead you astray” (Dt.13:11).

Leading astray is mentioned here,

and leading astray is mentioned elsewhere

[in the case of the prophet of lies (Dt.13:6)].

Just as the leading astray mentioned elsewhere

is punished by stoning,

so, too, the leading astray mentioned here

is punished by stoning.

“To lead you astray from HASHEM your God, Who brought you out of the land of Egypt” (Dt.13:11 )—

even were His only claim upon you

that He brought out of the land of Egypt,

it would be quite enough!3

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