Pisqa’ 92

Pisqa’ 921


“Should you hear” (Dt.13:13)—

[even indirectly,] and not by active interrogation.

Is it possible to suppose that

[in this circumstance,] the report should be suppressed?

The Teaching states:

“Then you shall seek out, and investigate, and inquire diligently” (Dt.13:15)—

“you shall seek out” –in the Torah,

“and investigate”—testimony from eye-witnesses,

“and inquire”—from disciples

[trained in judicial procedings].2


“That in one of your cities” (Dt.13:13)—

they declare one city a condemned city,

but they do not declare three cities

[simultaneously] to be condemned.

Is it possible to say that

not even two cities can be

condemned simultaneously?

The Teaching states:

“In one of your cities” (Dt.13:13)—

this teaches that only one city

can be condemned at a time.3

“Which HASHEM your God is giving you” (Dt.13:13)—

that is, anywhere [in the Land of Israel].

“To dwell there” (Dt. 13: 13)—

this exempts Jerusalem

[from being declared a condemned city],

because it was not given [to any tribe]

as a patrimony.

  1. H:141; JN1:245.
  2. This passage is missing in some mss of Sifre, on which grounds F:153, n.13 regards it as an interpolation.,
  3. //M. San.1:5; cf. T.San.14:1.