Pisqa’ 97

Pisqa’ 971


“For you are a people consecrated (qadosh) to HASHEM your God” (Dt.14:2)—

[therefore,] consecrate (qadesh) yourself.

“For you are a people consecrated” (Dt.14:2­)—

the holiness (qedushah) upon you

has caused [your consecration].

Another word:

[For you are a people consecrated” (Dt.14:2)—]

do not cause another people

to be consecrated like yourself!

“And HASHEM has chosen you” (Dt.14:2),

 [as He says:]

“For Jacob was chosen by HASHEM” (Ps.135:4)—

to be His cherished people,

[as He says:]

“Israel, as His cherished people” (Ps.135:4).2

“And HASHEM has chosen you to be His cherished people from among all the peoples” (Dt.14:2)

this you [in the singular (bekhah)] teaches that each and every [Israelite]

is more beloved before the Holy One,

than all the nations of the world.

Is it possible to say that

[each Israelite] is even more [beloved]

than the founding Patriarchs [of Israel]?

The Teaching states:

“From among all the peoples who inhabit the earth” (Dt.14:2)—

from this verse, you may conclude that

[Israel is] most [beloved] among all its predecessors

and most [beloved] among all its successors,

but not more than the founding Patriarchs!

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  2. F:158, n. 14 consider this material a marginal insertion.