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Archaeology of Biblical Israel

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NEAR E 311/ NEAR E 511
Professor: Stephanie Selover
TTh 3:30 pm – 5:20 pm
Credits: 5 I&S

The Archaeology of Biblical Israel is a survey course covering the current state of the archaeology of the land of ancient Israel, also called the southern Levant. We will study the archaeological past, and include Biblical and other contemporaneous textual sources to explore this topic, covering from the Middle Bronze Age to the end of the Babylonian Exile (ca. 2000-300 BCE). We will also explore the current state of the study of the archaeology of the ancient Israel, and consider the various viewpoints in this discipline. The course begins with the history of archaeology in the region, with an exploration of the various schools of thought in Biblical archaeology. The remainder of the course covers a chronological study what is known from archaeology about the various cultures and peoples of the southern Levant, from the earliest small kingdoms in the region, through the rise and fall of Israel and Judah, until the start of the Persian Empire. This portion of the class will also review the cultures of the various peoples of the southern Levant, including subjects such as religion, architecture, food ways, ceramic styles, decorative arts and subsistence patterns. The course is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Past quarters taught: Winter 2016