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Intensive Elementary Modern Hebrew

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Fruit drinks with Hebrew

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Instructor: Hadar Khazzam-Horovitz
MTWThF 9:10-12:30pm
Summer Full-Term
Credits: 15 VLPA

Earn up to a year’s worth of language credit in just 9 weeks!

The Hebrew language has traversed the globe over the centuries. Modern Hebrew, whose unique history reaches all the way to the Bible, is the language of the State of Israel and an essential tool in the study of Jewish and Middle Eastern culture and politics. The Modern Hebrew language course enables students to converse in a basic conversation on everyday topics; compose and understand simple written materials; and introduces student to various cultural dimensions of Modern Hebrew. The course will incorporate supplementary materials, including newspaper readings, songs, videos and conversational practice. This course will include an intensive study of grammar, with oral and written drill and reading of simple texts.

This course may not be taken for credit if MODHEB 101, MODHEB 102, or MODHEB 103 have been taken. Please contact the NELC adviser at for graduate level add code.

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Note: UW undergraduate and graduate students may be eligible to receive funding up to $1500 to support enrollment in MODHEB 105 through Stroum Center Opportunity Grants. See here for more information.

Quarter taught: Summer