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Literature and the Holocaust

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Holocaust Literature

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NEAR E 318/C LIT 441
Professor: Naomi Sokoloff
TTH 10:30 am-12:20 pm
Credits: 5 VLPA/DIV, W available

By examining fiction, poetry, memoir, diaries, monuments and aspects of popular culture, this course will explore representations of the Holocaust. Among the topics to be covered: bearing witness and survivor testimony; the shaping of collective memory; the second generation; Holocaust education and children’s literature; gender and the Holocaust; fantasy and humor in literary responses to catastrophe.

There will be a final exam and two short papers (750-1000 words each). Students may opt to take this as a W course by completing additional writing assignments.
Any student in this course who wishes to read some texts in Hebrew may contact the instructor and make arrangements to register for 2-3 credits of HEBR 490 (independent study).