The Sages: Foundations of Classical Judaism

Project Description


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JEW ST 330/530
Professor: Mika Ahuvia
Credits: 5 SSc


Feel like your country’s been taken from you?

Feel like a minority in your homeland?

Struggling to figure how to move forward?

Learn what the ancient sages did when they faced catastrophe.

What should I expect?

  • To escape into a different world, thousands of years ago.
  • Tantalizing, tragic, funny, and inspiring stories
  • Ancient literature that reads like text-messages
  • To learn how the religion of the Hebrew Bible changed after Jesus’ lifetime.
  • To learn how one ancient minority reimagined religion after the destruction of their way of life.

All students welcome–no background necessary.

“You are not obligated to finish the work (of repairing the world), but neither are you free from desisting from it.” — Rabbi Tarfon, “Ethics of our Fathers” (Avot 2:21).

Quarter taught: Spring