Pisqa’ 175

Pisqa’ 1751


“A prophet from your midst” (Dt.18:15)—

but not from beyond the Land.

“From your brothers” (Dt.18:15)—

but not from [the gentile] others.

“Shall HASHEM your God raise up for you” (Dt.18:15)—

but not for gentiles.

Then, how do I explain this:

“I have appointed you a prophet to the gentiles” (Jer.1:5)?

[This refers to Israelites] who act like the gentiles.

“To him shall you listen” (Dt.18:15)—

even if he commands you to transgress

one of the commandments stated in the Torah—

like Elijah on Mt. Carmel—

for the time being, obey him.

  1. H:201-202; JN2: 53.