Pisqa’ 211

Pisqa’ 2111


“When you go out to battle” (Dt.21:10)—

the verse speaks of an optional war.2

Upon your enemies” (Dt.21:10)—

that is, against your enemies,

[but not in an alliance with them].

“And HASHEM your God has delivered him into your hands” (Dt.21:10)—

if you have performed all that is stated here,

in the end, HASHEM your God will deliver him

into your hands!


“And you take him captive” (Dt.21:10)—

including any Canaanites that might be within.

“And you see among the captured” (Dt.21:11)—

that is, during her captivity.

“A woman” (Dt.21:11)—

even though she is a married woman.

“In fine shape” (Dt.21:11)—

I infer from this only that

she may be taken [as a war-bride]

only as long as she is a beauty.

How do I know that

she may be taken even if she is ugly?

The Teaching states:

“And you desire her” (Dt.21:11)—

even though she’s not in fine shape.

“Then you may take her as your wife” (Dt.21:11)—

lest you say:

this one’s for my father, and that one’s for my brother!

  1. H:224; JN2:111-112.
  2. For the various terms for divinely sanctioned war, see Pisqa’ot 190.4, 198.2