Pisqa’ 300

Pisqa’ 3001


“Then the Priest will take the basket from your hand” (Dt.26:4).

On this basis they taught:


The wealthy bring their First-fruits

on trays of silver and gold.

The poor bring theirs in baskets

woven of stripped willow branches.

And the baskets, with the First-fruits,

are given to the Priests,

in order to augment

the gifts for the Priests.2

“From your hand” (Dt.26:4)—

this teaches that

First-fruits should be waved before the altar:

Words of R. Eliezer b. Jacob.3

“And he shall lay it before the altar of HASHEM your God” (Dt.26:4)—

as long as you shall have the altar,

you shall have the First-fruits offering;

but as long as you shall have no altar,

you shall have no First-fruits offering.4

“And he shall lay it” (Dt.26:4)—

on this basis they taught:

If the First-fruits were stolen or lost,

one is obliged to replace them.

If they were rendered unclean

[even] in the courtyard of the Holy Place,

one scatters them [as unusable]

and does not recite the declaration.5

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