Pisqa’ 58

Pisqa’ 581


“Then you shall preserve” (Dt.11:32)—

the oral-performative tradition (mishnah).

“And perform” (Dt.11:32)—

the deeds required by the Torah (ma`aseh).

“All the statutes” (Dt.11:32)—

rules derived from scriptural hermeneutics (midrashot).

“And the rulings” (Dt.11:32)—

the civil judgments (dinim).2

“Which I am placing before you today” (Dt.11:32)—

may they be as precious to you today

as if you accepted them upon yourself

from Mt. Sinai, this very day.

May they be as familiar in your mouths

as if you had heard them this very day!3

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  3. Cf. Pisqa’ 33.3 for an other version of this theme.