Exploring Sephardic Life Cycle Customs

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As a growing resource for the preservation of Ladino language and Sephardic Jewish culture from the
Ottoman Empire, the University of Washington’s Sephardic Studies Program, housed in the Jackson School for International Studies’ Stroum Center for Jewish Studies, has received many inquiries over the years from scholars, students, and the general public all over the world who seek to recuperate Sephardic traditions, to document them for study, and even to reactivate them, adapt them, and incorporate them into their own lives.
We thus undertook this project as a way to respond to these questions in a format that would also anticipate the needs and interests of our many audiences.

This exhibition was created in-house by our Sephardic Studies Program team. From web design to
exhibit text; digitization to metadata creation; we are proud of our team's unique skills and tireless efforts to bring this project to fruition.

Dr. Devin E. Naar, Isaac Alhadeff Professor of Sephardic Studies and Sephardic Studies
Program Chair. Exhibition editor.

Makena Mezistrano, Sephardic Studies Program Assistant Director. Exhibition content and web design. 

Ty Alhadeff, Sephardic Studies Program Research Coordinator. Digitization and metadata. 

For questions or comments about this exhibition, please contact us at sephstud@uw.edu

To reuse content from this exhibition, please give proper attribution.