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Postcard of the Jewish cemetery in Salonica

Salonica cemetery.jpg
Color postcard of the Jewish cemetery in Salonica overlooking the city.

Betty Policar and Samuel Alhadeff's wedding party

Wedding party at the marriage of Betty Policar to Samuel Alhadeff in Seattle. Left to right: [unknown], Anne Alhadeff (Ferrera), Sue Rousso, Marco Calvo, Betty (Policar) Alhadeff, Samuel Alhadeff, Harry Rousso, [unknown, unknown]. The two flower…

Photographs from the wedding of Flora Alcheck to Albert Saltiel

Two photographs from the wedding of Flora and Albert Saltiel. One photo is of the couple and rabbi under the huppah (wedding canopy). Wedding took place in a community institution known as Matanot La-Evyonim, a popular wedding venue in Salonica and…

Family portrait from the marriage of Rachel Alhadeff to Isaac Baruch

Alhadeff family photo from the wedding of Rachel Alhadeff to Isaac Baruch.

Sephardic wedding portrait

Wedding portrait of an unknown Sephardic couple, likely from Greece.

Sephardic wedding photo from Greece

Unknown wedding portrait of a Sephardic couple from Greece.

Seattle Sephardic wedding

A Sephardic wedding in Seattle, couple unknown. First row, right to left: Mark Peha, Leatrice (De Leon) Gutmann, Lucille (Almeleh) Spring. Back row: Mary (Sidis) Ovadia, Isaac Ovadia, Bernice (Mossafer) Rind, [unknown], Albert Page, [unknown], Tillie…

Wedding procession in Rhodes

Photograph of a wedding procession in the streets of Rhodes (?). Bride and groom are being escorted down the street by at least 75 people.

Photograph of Maimon family children

Photograph of Vida Sultana Maimon and her children. Fanny Adatto, top left, Louise Azose, top right, and a young boy assumed to be Rabbi Solomon Maimon.

Three Ottoman ketubot

(L to R): Ketuba of Solomon and Leah Bensussen (Tekirdag, 1919); ketuba of Yisra'el Katarbas and Marat [?] bat Avraham (Tekirdag, 1900; courtesy Yale University Library); ketuba of Avraham Benezra and Rachel Halfon (Tekirdag, 1890).

Naar family kame'a

Sephardic amulet from the family of Benjamin Naar, great-grandfather of Professor Devin Naar.

Maimon family kame'ot

Three amulets from the family of Rabbi Solomon Maimon, perhaps written by his father, Rabbi Avraham Maimon. Unknown if amulets were written in Tekirdag or Seattle.

Cropped postcard of Salonikan women

salonika women.jpg
Carte postale: «Femmes israélites de Salonique [Thessalonique] dansant»
Postcard: "Israelite [Jewish] women of Salonika [Thessaloniki] dancing"

El bukyeto de romansas: kantikas rekojidas para novias i paridas

ST00005 El bukyeto de romansas kantikas rekojidas para novias i paridas - Istanbul, 1925, courtesy of Isaac Azose - image 01.jpg
Collection of Ladino songs for brides and women who have just given birth, organized according to makam (Middle Eastern musical mode popular among Sephardic Jews).

Newspaper article in El Avenir about bar mitsva customs

Bar Misva,_ El avenir, Aug. 29, 1900, p. 371.jpg
Clipping from the Ladino newspaper El Avenir.

Rachel Halfon and Abraham Benezra ketuba

ST001949 -stitched front.jpg
Marriage contract of Rachel Halfon and Abraham Benezra

Sefer Me-am Lo'ez: deklaro del Arba'a ve-Esrim en Ladino: Sefer Bereshit

ML mortaja.jpeg
Praise for the custom of preparing one's memorial shroud (kortar mortaja) in Sefer Me'am Lo'ez. Ladino commentary on Parashat Vayehi (Genesis. 50:13)

Sefer Me-am Lo'ez deklaro del Arba'a ve-Esrim en Ladino: Sefer Bereshit

ML Processional.jpg
Jacob's funeral procession in Sefer Me'am Lo'ez (p.240). Ladino commentary on Parashat Vayehi (Genesis. 50:09)