Israel Studies Graduate Grants

Photograph of a swirling sunset on a Tel Aviv beach

Tel Aviv, Israel. Photo by Ron Shosani.

Graduate students whose academic research is directly related to modern Israel, or who are conducting research in Israel, may apply for Israel Studies grants of up to $5,000.

These grants may be allocated as funding for students with gaps in their departmental funding sources; as grants to support research travel or other research expenses; or as funding for language study or other academic programs. There may occasionally be research assistant or teaching opportunities and interested students will have the opportunity in the application to express interest in being considered for these if available.

Students may apply for, and receive, a grant multiple times.

Applying for an Israel Studies Graduate Grant

Applications for winter 2020/spring 2021 funding are due October 30, 2020.
Applications for summer 2021/autumn 2021 funding are due April 16, 2021.

Applications require the following information:

  • Basic information, including full name; campus mailing address; home mailing address; phone number; email address; UW Net ID; UW student ID number; and citizenship status (grants are available for non-US citizens; this information is only pertinent for how funds are disbursed).
  • A title for the experience for which you seek funding
  • A current resume or CV
  • A University of Washington transcript (unofficial transcripts are accepted)
  • A 1-3 page statement describing:
    • The project or program that the funding will support
    • Discussion of how the funding will help student make progress towards the degree
    • A statement of financial needs, other sources of funding sought or already obtained during the time in question
    • If there is an interest in teaching a course, a description of topics or areas of competence (a syllabus is not needed in the initial application)
    • A simple budget indicating and explaining the amount of funding requested (up to $5000)

A letter of recommendation from your adviser or other committee member is also required. If there is interest in teaching, the adviser must indicate that they believe that developing and teaching a course would be a good use of the student’s time during the year in question. The adviser should e-mail their letter to with the applicant’s full name and “Israel Studies graduate grant” in the title of the email.

Candidates requesting funding for an Israel Studies graduate grant should submit their applications via this secure Google form. (Applicants can log in using their UW e-mail addresses and NetID passwords.)

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Notification process

Candidates who apply for the winter/spring cycle will be notified in early winter.

Candidates who apply for the summer/autumn cycle will be notified in early-to-mid-April.

Funds will be disbursed within 6-8 weeks of award notification.