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Finding Your Voice in Jewish Studies

The Stroum Center’s interdisciplinary graduate fellowship program supports current M.A. and Ph.D. students from a wide variety of disciplines at the University of Washington whose research connects to Jewish studies.

Graduate fellows share their research through public presentations and articles published on the Stroum Center’s website. The fellowship includes monthly workshops exploring the history and methodologies of Jewish studies; professional development in the areas of public scholarship and library skills; and networking with Stroum Center faculty.

The fellowship offers grants of $4,000 to awardees and is made possible by the Stroum Center’s generous community supporters.

Applications for the 2020-2021 academic year are due on April 13, 2020. Learn more & apply >

2019-2020 graduate fellows in Jewish studies

2019-2020 Graduate Fellows

  • Colorful ancient mosaic shows women in long dresses and head coverings holding babies, as well as water vessels, close to a river

From ancient Jewish practitioners to Google searches, coping with our fear of “ugly” babies

June 4th, 2020|0 Comments

Like people today, people in the ancient world were obsessed with having ideal children. And ancient theories of vision combined with fears around imperfect babies to create some funky beliefs about sex and conception, writes grad fellow Jennifer Hunter. But were they really weirder than our worries today?

Graduate Fellows offer public talks on their research topics – which typically span a wide range of disciplines and regions of the world – throughout the academic year. Find out what’s coming up on our events calendar

The Stroum Center’s Graduate Fellowship was established in 2012 and has supported dozens of graduate students’ research in Jewish studies. Explore past cohorts of fellows and their research interests by academic year >