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Graduate Fellowship

Finding Your Voice in Jewish Studies

The Stroum Center’s interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship program supports MA and PhD students from a wide variety of disciplines who research topics related to Jewish Studies.

Graduate Fellows share their research in public presentations and contribute short articles to the Stroum Center’s e-journal. The fellowship includes monthly workshops exploring the history and methodologies of Jewish Studies; professional development in the areas of public scholarship and library skills; and networking with Jewish Studies faculty.

The fellowship offers grants of $3,000 to awardees, and is made possible by the Stroum Center’s generous community supporters. Applications for 2018-2019 are now open!
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Partial cohort of 2017-2018 Graduate Fellows and other Stroum Center funding recipients

2017-2018 Graduate Fellows

Graduate Student Research

  • A black and white photograph shows a group of young people dancing the hora in two rings, around accordion-playing musicians on a field

What makes music sound Jewish

May 19th, 2018|0 Comments

Graduate Fellow Sarah Riskind, a composer, noticed a unique pattern in both the Sephardic and Ashkenazi music she works with.

The challenges and opportunities of peace education in Israel

May 9th, 2018|0 Comments

Projects like Camp Harmony and the Hand in Hand School in Israel show both the promises and difficulties of teaching for peace.

  • The Israeli flag flies next to China's in a key flagpole near Tiananmen Square in Beijing

Israel in Asia? Why global trends are pushing Israel to “look east”

April 25th, 2018|0 Comments

Graduate Fellow Sam Gordon explains how, in a shifting world order, Israel both is and isn't making a strategic "pivot to Asia."

Upcoming Research Presentations

Graduate Fellows offer public talks on their research topics – which typically span a wide range of disciplines and regions of the world – throughout the academic year. Find out what’s coming up on our events calendar

Past Graduate Fellows

The Stroum Center’s Graduate Fellowship was established in 2012 and has supported dozens of graduate students’ research in Jewish Studies. Explore past cohorts of Fellows and their research interests by academic year >