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VIDEO | Stroum Lectures 2023 Pt. 2 — Between Me and the Other World: A Tikkun

In a multi-faceted performance, Anthony Russell and accordionist Dmitri Gaskin explore W.E.B. DuBois' provocative question, "How does it feel to be a problem?" refracted through the texts and musical idioms of the African American South and Jewish Eastern Europe.

VIDEO | Stroum Lectures 2023 Pt. 1 — “Melodeklamatsiye”: A Yiddish Performance Genre 🎼

Anthony Russell and accompanist Dmitri Gaskin perform a combination of oration and art music that investigates disparate elements—Black religiosity, the music of Chopin, queerness, the ambiguities of diaspora—through the mediums of Jewishness and sound.

VIDEO | Inaugural “Muestros Artistas” Sephardic Arts Symposium

UW's Sephardic Studies Program and Stroum Center for Jewish Studies showcases six Sephardic artists from different creative backgrounds, and explores what exactly makes Sephardic art "Sephardic".

VIDEO | 10th Annual Ladino Day — The Past, Present, and Future of Ladino

On the tenth anniversary of Ladino Day, UW's Sephardic Studies Program presents four experts from different generations, all working to revitalize Ladino (Judeo-Spanish), the traditional language of Sephardic Jews.

VIDEO | 9th Annual Ladino Day – Sephardic Trajectories: Archives, Objects, and the Ottoman Jewish Past in the United States

Editors and contributors to "Sephardic Trajectories: Archives, Objects, and the Ottoman Jewish Past in the United States" (Koç University Press, 2021) discuss this multidisciplinary volume that highlights artifacts from the Sephardic Studies Digital Collection.

VIDEO | Narrating Migration Stories: Podcasting Sephardic Jewish Journeys

In this exclusive student event, scholar and co-creator of the well-known Ottoman History Podcast Chris Gratien and retired journalist Sam Negri discuss their approach to telling the stories of marginalized migrants to the United States, focusing on the story of Negri’s father, Sephardic Jew Leo Negri.

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