PODCAST | Jewish Questions, Episode 5: Before Zionism — Liora Halpern

Present-day discussions of anti-Semitism often involve Israel and the Zionist movement… but before the 20th century, Jews’ and Jewish scholars’ understandings of anti-Semitism were completely connected with Europe and Christianity. In the last episode of our series, guest Liora R. Halperin looks at how 19th-century Jewish settlers to Ottoman Palestine were influenced by the anti-Semitism they experienced in the Russian Empire

PODCAST | Jewish Questions, Episode 4: Jewish Anti-Semitism? — Devin Naar

Can Jews be anti-Semitic against other Jews? In this episode, guest Devin E. Naar looks at the history of Jewish prejudice against other Jews in the United States, from the very first American Jewish settlers in the 1600s to twentieth-century efforts to exclude Jews from the Muslim world from Jewish institutions — as American Jews struggled to hold on to their “precarious whiteness.”

PODCAST | Jewish Questions, Episode 3: Being Jewish in Medieval Spain — Ana Gómez-Bravo

Has anti-Semitism always been the same, or have ideas about Jewishness, and suspicion towards Jews, changed over time? In this episode, guest Ana Gómez-Bravo helps to answer these questions by looking at the lives of Jews and “conversos” (Jewish converts to Christianity) in medieval Spain, exploring how Catholic authorities tried to define and restrict their Jewish and converso residents.

PODCAST | Jewish Questions, Episode 2: The Rise of Nazi Germany — Laurie Marhoefer

How did the progressive Weimar Republic give way to the genocidal Nazi regime… and could it happen here? In this episode, guest Laurie Marhoefer explains the rise of the Nazi party in one of the most progressive places in the world, detailing the swift and dramatic shift in government, efforts to resist, and troubling echoes of these events in the present day.

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PODCAST | Jewish Questions, Episode 1: Anti-Semitism in the United States — Susan Glenn

The United States was the country where Jews came to finally be free from anti-Semitism… or was it? In this episode, guest Susan A. Glenn discusses the history of anti-Semitism in the U.S., touching on the Second Ku Klux Klan, the “mother of all conspiracy theories,” and the resurgence of anti-Semitism in the U.S. in the present day.

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