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A Jewish, feminist, Ottoman gynecologist: A portrait of a physician from 19th-century Ottoman Istanbul

Graduate fellow Büsra Demirkol tells the story of the Romanian Jewish doctor who chose to live in Ottoman Istanbul and became a prominent member of its Jewish medical community — and an outspoken feminist.

Your favorite Hollywood actor probably has ties to the Yiddish theater, thanks to Stella Adler and her renowned acting method

Stella Adler, famous mid-century actress and one of the United States' foremost acting instructors, had deep ties to the Yiddish theater scene in New York City. Graduate fellow Amna Farooqi explains.

The religion of law and the law of religion: A 16th-century Ottoman murder mystery shows the rich history contained in Jewish and Muslim legal “questions and answers”

Religious legal scholars' explanations of their reasoning, called "questions and answers" in Hebrew, are a valuable source for historians, writes graduate fellow Elyakim Suissa.

What is an ostracon? How the “scrap paper of the ancient world” offers glimpses of life in biblical times

Pieces of broken pottery ("ostraca") were commonly used to write letters, receipts, and notes in the ancient world, and these fragments show how biblical writings connect to real-world concerns of the time, writes graduate fellow Corinna Nichols.

The Sudan-Israel normalization process: A tactical move but a strategic hazard

Under the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu and General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, Israel and Sudan are close to establishing historic diplomatic ties — but outside of the democratic process. Graduate fellow Yasir Zaidan explains.

Ethics and animals in the Bible: Why ancient Israelites thought of birds as moral examples to follow

Though present-day moral philosophers might disagree, in ancient times, animals like birds were seen as tuned in to the divine will and exemplars of right living. Graduate fellow Forrest Martin explains.

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