Mosaics of the Abraham & Isaac story show how Jews in late antiquity used art to connect with religion and community

Countering misperceptions, grad fellow Abby Massarano explains that Jews in the 6th century CE embraced visual art, and shows what we can learn about these communities from their depictions of the key story of Abraham's Binding of Isaac.

2/2 STUDENT EVENT | Ancient Perspectives on Same-Sex Relationships

How has the story of Sodom and Gomorrah as related in the Qur'an and Hebrew Bible shaped the ways Jews, Muslims and Christians thought and continue to think about same sex relationships. Explore this question with Cole Fellow Dr. Brendan Goldman.

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From ancient Jewish practitioners to Google searches, coping with our fear of “ugly” babies

Like people today, people in the ancient world were obsessed with having ideal children. And ancient theories of vision combined with fears around imperfect babies to create some funky beliefs about sex and conception, writes grad fellow Jennifer Hunter. But were they really weirder than our worries today?

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