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What does it mean to be a minority? Anti-Jewish violence in medieval Egypt offers insights for today

Popular ideas about what it means to be a minority may change, but incidents of state-sanctioned violence remain eerily similar across millennia, explains Hazel D. Cole Fellow Brendan Goldman, a historian of the medieval Islamic world.

STUDENT EVENT | Lessons on Communicating with the Media from a Middle East Commentator

Dr. Marwa Maziad, a visiting assistant professor of public speaking at Seattle University and a regular BBC political commentator on global affairs, will speak about her experiences as a journalist and political analyst and will offer tips for speaking effectively with the media. Lunch provided. Open to undergrads and graduate students.

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How to revive an ancient language, according to 19th-century Hebrew and Persian revivalists

Graduate Fellow Sara Molaie explains how two language activists approached the unlikely task of bringing ancient Hebrew and pre-Islamic Persian back into use.

How Iraqi Jews are reclaiming their cultural legacy in Israel

Grad Fellow Pablo Maldonado explains how, following their forced migration in the 1950s, Israel's Middle Eastern Jewish community is reconnecting with its heritage through music.

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