Building a Sephardic Seattle community archive: Using many types of materials to preserve community history

Graduate fellow Lili Brown explains how community archives — community-centered archives that preserve all kinds of documents and materials — help researchers to construct richer pictures of the past, and how this approach is helping to preserve Seattle Sephardic history.

Maja Haderlap, Jewish writers, and telling the story of ethnic Slovenians in Austria using the “language of the enemy”

Like German-language Jewish writers, ethnic Slovenian author Maja Haderlap struggles with the language of the Nazis in telling the story of her community's persecution in Austria, writes graduate fellow Aaron Carpenter.

Reproduction in the 19th-century Ottoman Empire: The story of the “bloodstained” Jewish midwives

Concern over a shrinking population led Ottoman authorities to undermine reproductive autonomy in the 19th century, writes grad fellow Büşra Demirkol, starting with outlawing abortion and exiling two "bloody" Jewish midwives.

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