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12/3 EVENT | Ladino Day 2023: ‘Kantika’, a Sephardic Novel by Author Elizabeth Graver

The UW Sephardic Studies Program's Ladino Day 2023 features author Elizabeth Graver, who will discuss her novel Kantika — a multigenerational saga inspired by her Sephardic grandmother — with Isaac Alhadeff Professor of Sephardic Studies and SSP Chair Devin E. Naar.

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11/16 LECTURE | What Can Jewish Mothers Teach Us About Jewish Identity?

Author Cynthia Baker will discuss how, from ancient biblical narratives to cutting-edge genomic research, putting mothers at the center of our questions, definitions, and research into Jewish history can provide unexpected insights and startlingly unfamiliar perspectives.

10/26 EVENT | “Luminous”: Book Talk and Art Showcase with Canadian Jewish Author and Artist Linda Dayan Frimer

Canadian Jewish author and artist Linda Dayan Frimer presents on her new book, "Luminous: An artist's story as a guide to radical creativity". Frimer's art focuses on the dignity and preservation of both culture and nature.

VIDEO | Stroum Lectures 2023 Pt. 2 — Between Me and the Other World: A Tikkun

In a multi-faceted performance, Anthony Russell and accordionist Dmitri Gaskin explore W.E.B. DuBois' provocative question, "How does it feel to be a problem?" refracted through the texts and musical idioms of the African American South and Jewish Eastern Europe.

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