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Graduate Fellowship

Partial 2017-2018 cohort of Graduate Fellows and other recipients of Stroum Center fundings

Applications for the Stroum Center’s graduate fellowship are due Friday, March 15, 2019. A submission link will be posted here when the 2019-2020 cycle opens. 

This interdisciplinary fellowship program supports MA and PhD students in departments from across the University of Washington.

Past Fellows have come from departments that range from History and Comparative Religion to Education and Information Science. Graduate students from all departments and disciplines are encouraged to apply; any graduate student planning to be enrolled at the University of Washington in the coming academic year is eligible to receive the fellowship, as long as they can demonstrate a strong connection between their research and Jewish Studies topics.

The amount per fellowship is $3000, and students are welcome to apply for fellowships more than once, regardless of whether they have received previous funding from the Stroum Center.

During the fellowship, Graduate Fellows conduct research connected to Jewish Studies and present their findings at public events that take place throughout the year. Fellows also participate in monthly workshops exploring the history and methodologies of Jewish Studies; receive professional development in the areas of public scholarship and library skills; and have many opportunities to network with Jewish Studies faculty and receive feedback on their current and future research agendas.

Requirements for the Graduate Fellowship are:

    • Attending the monthly workshop series on Jewish Studies and public scholarship. Workshops typically last for an hour and a half
    • Presenting a scholarly paper in a public venue arranged by the Stroum Center, such as an academic symposium or a lunchtime talk
    • Contributing two short articles about their research to the Stroum Center’s e-journal at jewishstudies.washin​​gton.edu
    • Maintaining residence in Seattle for at least two quarters of the 2018-2019 academic year; travel for fieldwork purposes should be indicated in advance

Browse articles that Fellows have written in the past and learn more about the present and previous cohort of Fellows on our Graduate Fellowship portal.

Graduate Fellows are also encouraged to attend talks given by faculty and guests of the Stroum Center for Jewish Studies, as well as public events sponsored by the Stroum Center.