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Biva la lingua de Ladino!

Join Professors Julia Phillips Cohen (Vanderbilt), Sarah Abrevaya Stein (UCLA), and Devin Naar (UW) as they shine a light on Sephardic language and culture at our third-annual celebration of International Ladino Day. The event will include:

  • Readings from the award-winning book, Sephardi Lives
  • Special performances by Los Ladineros and community members
  • Kosher reception featuring Sephardic delicacies

This event is hosted by the UW Stroum Center for Jewish Studies and the Sephardic Studies Program in cooperation with Congregation Ezra Bessaroth, Sephardic Bikur Holim Congregation, the Seattle Sephardic Brotherhood, and the Seattle Sephardic Network.


Cover of Sephardi LivesThe recipient of the 2014 National Jewish Book Award for Sephardic Culture, Sephardi Lives: A Documentary History, 1700-1950offers an unprecedented glimpse into the experiences of Sephardic Jews in the lands of the former Ottoman Empire by highlighting aspects of their religious, political, economic and cultural worlds over more than two centuries. Read our new interview with the editors!

Julia Phillips Cohen is Associate Professor of History and Jewish Studies at Vanderbilt University.

Sarah Abrevaya Stein is Professor of History and Maurice Amado Chair in Sephardic Studies at UCLA

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