Noam Pianko

Teaching specialty in American Jewish history, history of Zionism and modern Jewish thought.

Mika Ahuvia

Teaching specialty in Ancient Judaism, Magic and Early Mysticism, Rabbinic Literature, and Liturgical Poetry.

Daniel Bessner

Teaching specialty in Jewish Intellectual History, US Foreign Relations, and Post-war American History.

Richard Block

Teaching specialty in Jewish-German Studies.

Joseph Butwin

Teaching specialty in literature and culture.

Daniel Chirot

Teaching specialty: Ethnic and religious conflict, genocide, political sociology, tyranny.

Galya Diment

Teaching specialties in Russian literary and cultural history and Russian Jewish film.

Kathie Friedman

Teaching specialty in immigrant and refugee studies.

Susan A. Glenn

Teaching specialty in Antisemitism in America, Assimilation and Identity in the US, Jews and Blacks, the Holocaust and American Life.

Ana Gómez-Bravo (Raftery)

Teaching specialty in Sephardic culture and the relations of Muslims, Jews and Christians in Spain, as well as food and culture.