Advising for Jewish Studies

Have a question about when a Jewish Studies course might next be offered? Want to sign up for a Jewish Studies major or minor? Curious if a particular course counts toward a Jewish Studies degree? There are a number of people ready to help answer your question!

Linda Iltis
Linda Iltis is a lead advisor in the Jackson School’s Academic Services office. She is able to register students for a Jewish Studies major or minor. You can schedule an appointment with Linda here.
Portrait of Joni Marts smiling in front of bushes
Joni Marts is the Jackson School’s Undergraduate Adviser and can advise students about majors, minors, and study abroad programs in Jewish Studies and International Studies. You can schedule an appointment with Joni here.E-mail:
Professor Mika Ahuvia is the Student Adviser for Jewish Studies. In this role, Prof Ahuvia can help answer questions about whether courses (such as those taken during study abroad) count towards a Jewish Studies major or minor. She advises undergraduate and graduate students about their research plans and other academic pursuits.