Translated Texts: Versos morales

Translation of Albert Levy’s poem about morals. Translation by Ashley Bobman.

Versos de moral

La pasensia es dolorioza i amarga,
eya asemeja a una pezgada karga;
ma es bien agradavle su fruto,
kuando se alkansa el buto.
El eroe se konose en el kombate,
ke triomfa i kamina avante;
kuanto a el ombre savido,
en su ravia es konosido.
De un mal konosido no te krevantes,
no te deskorajes ni te espantes;
ma de un mal enkovierte,
guadrate muncho, por estar sierto.
Si te topas en mala situasion,
no piedras tu tiempo, sin aksion,
topa el remedio, perkora alora,
de salvar dela triste ora.
Malisia kon entelijensa aunada,
no es koza de ser alavada;
siendo endjentra semiente danioza,
la kuala es terivle i veninoza.
El ombre endjeniozo i prudente,
es alavado por toda la djente;
siendo kon su endjenio i prudensia,
el asigora mas su egzistensia.



Translation: Moral verses

Patience is painful and bitter,
she resembles a heavy burden;
but her fruit is very agreeable,
when it reaches its goal.
The hero knows himself in combat,
who triumphs and marches onward
with regard to a wise man
he is known in his rage.
From known evil you will not weaken,
do not discourage nor fear;
but of a bad secret,
guard yourself well, to be certain.
If you find yourself in a bad situation,
don’t waste your time without action,
find the remedy, try then,
to be saved from sad times.
Malice together with intelligence,
it is not something to be praised;
since it creates a dangerous seed,
which is terrible and venomous.
The ingenious and prudent man,
is praised by all the people;
since with his ingenious and precaution,
he guarantees his existence more.

The moralist