Jewish Women in Contemporary America: Activists for Social Justice

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JSIS C 438 / GWSS 438
Professor: Kathie Friedman
MW 10:30-12:20pm
Credits: 5 I&S/DIV


Jewish women in America have long made meaningful contributions to social justice causes. Their activism, however, did not always fit traditional views of either Jewish or women’s issues. This course explores the stories behind their social and political engagement. From the 1890s through the present day, Jewish American women have participated in major social movements—from women’s suffrage, birth control and reproductive rights, peace, labor and economic justice, civil rights, immigrant rights, feminism, GLBT rights, environmental activism, health, human rights, and more. Using texts, blogs, films, and guest speakers, we will investigate Jewish American women’s activism, and analyze the links they made between their faith, identity, and civic engagement.  The course is open to anyone with an interest in understanding Jewish American women’s activism.

Past quarters taught: Winter 2016