Ty Alhadeff with Treasures

Ty Alhadeff with a display of rare Ladino materials collected through the Seattle Sephardic Treasures Initiative.

The Sephardic Studies Program of the UW Stroum Center for Jewish Studies is basking in the national spotlight, thanks to a recent Tablet Magazine piece about Seattle’s Ladino revival.

Emily K. Alhadeff, Associate Editor of JTNews, contributed an article entitled “Seattle’s Sephardi Jews Brought Us Starbucks: Now They’re Trying to Bring Back Ladino” (July 23, 2014). Alhadeff’s piece covers the history of Seattle’s Sephardic community and the efforts of Prof. Devin Naar, chair of the Sephardic Studies Program, to preserve its precious Ladino heritage.

The article brings well-deserved attention to the Sephardic Studies Digital Library & Museum, a project currently in its beta phase, which will enable the public to access Ladino archival items through a special partnership with UW Libraries Digital Collections.

Click here to read the full article on Tablet. Mashala (congratulations) to Prof. Naar on this terrific profile, and here’s to more great news to come from the Sephardic Studies Program!


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