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Following a screening of the 60-minute documentary, director Netalie Braun discussed “The Hangman” with faculty member and Benaroya Fellow in Israel Studies Smadar Ben-Natan.

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About the event

The 2010 documentary “The Hangman” (“Hatalyan“) profiles Shalom Nagar, the Yemenite Jew who guarded, and eventually executed, Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann. In spite of Eichmann’s role as a key organizer of the Holocaust, Nagar didn’t wish to execute him.

The film reflects on the assignment of the executioner role to Nagar as illuminating the position of Mizrahi Jews in Holocaust memory in Israel. Nagar’s reflections on this experience, and on the meaning of capital punishment even in the face of unforgivable acts, raises pressing questions about crime and punishment in our time.

Articles and essays related to the topic, compiled by faculty member Smadar Ben-Natan, are available below.

Further reading related to the documentary

Curated by Smadar Ben-Natan, 2021-22 Benaroya Fellow in Israel Studies

    During & following the Eichmann trial

Articles for a general audience

Academic articles


About the participants

Netalie Braun, wearing scarf in front of bookshelfNetalie Braun is a writer, director and producer of documentary and fiction films, and has won the Israeli Academy Award for best documentary. She currently teaches at the Steve Tisch School of Film and Television in Tel Aviv University, and was previously the artistic director of the International Women’s Film Festival in Israel. She has a B.A. in literature and philosophy and an M.A. in film studies from Tel Aviv University. Her films include “Hope I’m in the Frame,” “The Hangman” & “Vow.”

Portrait of Smadar Ben-Natan, wearing a black button-up overcoat and blue-green patterened scarf, looking serious and confident, standing in front of a wall covered with colorful painted graffitiSmadar Ben-Natan is the Stroum Center for Jewish Studies’ 2020-2022 Benaroya Fellow in Israel Studies. She is a longtime Israeli human rights lawyer who completed her Ph.D. in the Buchmann Faculty of Law at Tel Aviv University. She specializes in law & society and international law, with a particular focus on the intersection of criminal justice, national security and human rights. She holds a master’s in international human rights law, with distinction, from the University of Oxford (2011), and an LLB from Tel Aviv University (1995).