Conference Schedule

Monday, May 23 – Kane Hall 220

7:00PM   Stroum Lecture:  Hebrew and the Creative Imagination

Stroum Lecture #1: Dara Horn, “Living in Hebrew”
Followed by kosher reception in Walker Ames Room

Tuesday, May 24 – Petersen Room, Suzzallo Library

The symposium sessions from 9:00am-4:30pm are open to the public. Individuals may register by visiting this link. Seats in the Petersen Room will be limited, so advance registration is recommended. Please contact if you have any questions.

9:00  Coffee

9:15   Welcome Remarks

9:30-10:20   Hebrew and the Academy

Moderator: Tovi Romano
Naomi Sokoloff – Language Memoirs: The Case for Hebrew
Nancy Berg – What We Talk about When We Talk about Hebrew

10:30-11:20   Hebrew and Cultural Exchange

Moderator: Selim Kuru
Hannah Pressman – Curating Connections: Public Scholarship, New Media, and Building Bridges to Hebrew Culture
Adam Rovner – Hebrew from Left to Right: Translating Israel for American Readers

11:30-12:20   Hebrew and the Poet

Moderator: Joseph Butwin
Michael Weingrad – “The center of American Hebrew poetry is located on the second floor of my house”: Reading Robert Whitehill-Bashan
Robert Whitehill-Bashan – Choiceless Awareness: How Acting Lessons Have Made Me a Better Hebrew Poet

2:00–2:30   Museum of Pro/Found Objects

Display will be viewable throughout the day

2:30–3:20   Dara Horn and Ilan Stavans Interview with Adam Rovner

3:30–4:20   Hebrew and the Community

Moderator: Russell Hugo
Robert Hoberman – The Relevance of the Hebrew Revival for Native American Languages
Sarah Bunin Benor – Hebrew Infusion at American Jewish Summer Camps

4:30 – 5:20   Roundtable: Hebrew and the Future  (Closed Door)

Moderator: Noam Pianko
Participants: Wendy Zierler, Hadar Khazzam-Horovitz, Aviv Ben Or

7:00   Stroum Lecture:  Hebrew and the Creative Imagination – Kane Hall 220

Stroum Lecture #2: Ilan Stavans, “Dying in Hebrew”

Please note: each Stroum Lecture requires separate tickets.