Get Ready to Get JEW ST!

An orange juice container with Hebrew writingBeginning in Autumn 2017, the prefix for Jewish Studies courses will change from JSIS C to JEW ST to make Jewish Studies courses more visible and easily searchable in the UW Time Schedule and MyPlan.

Jewish Studies proudly continues to be a program of the Jackson School of International Studies and will continue to offer engaging and academically challenging courses ranging from Bioethics: Secular and Jewish Perspectives to Jewish Cultural History to Jewish American Literature and Culture.

Jewish Studies welcomes all students interested in learning about culture from a minority perspective. Studying the variety of Jewish cultures throughout history and their interaction with majority cultures offers a fascinating vantage point for the study of society, language, art, history, philosophy, and more, no matter one’s background or intended career path.

*Note: Some courses previously listed as JSIS C now feature the prefix RELIG, indicating their connection to Comparative Religion. Many of these courses count toward the Jewish Studies major and minor; check here to see a full list of requirements and approved electives.

Check out the slate of JEW ST’s Autumn 2017 courses here!

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Lauren Kurland is the Director of Student Engagement at the UW Stroum Center for Jewish Studies.

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