Photo courtesy of Ondina “L.B.” Lipney-Burger

UW Jewish Studies alum Ondina “L.B.” Lipney-Burger, ’17, is currently in Jerusalem at the Hebrew University pursuing a master’s in human rights and transitional justice.

Transitional justice refers to the ways countries emerging from times of conflict and repression address human rights violations that might otherwise overwhelm the standard justice system.

She reports that the classes she takes, with world-renowned faculty and a dazzling mix of international students, are challenging but rewarding.

After writing a master’s thesis examining the effect of the Jerusalem light rail on the future status of East Jerusalem, L.B. plans to apply to law school in the United States to focus on international human rights law.

L.B. reports that her Hebrew, developed during her time at the UW, is serving her well; most of her transactions are in Hebrew and “I am not automatically resorting to English when someone asks me a question on the street!” She also reflects that her studies at the UW prepared her well for the critical thinking and school-life balance that she needs to succeed in her graduate program.

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