The 2015-16 Stroum Center interns: Molly Dubow, Doria Nelson, and Angela Ugalino.

The 2015-16 Stroum Center interns: Molly Dubow, Doria Nelson, and Angela Ugalino.

Students looking for professional experience in non-profit leadership can now intern at the Stroum Center for Jewish Studies. This past summer, the Center launched a new internship program open to students from all backgrounds and disciplines. Over the course of the 2015-16 academic year, the three Stroum Center Interns will receive mentorship and supervision from Jewish Studies professional staff and, at the same time, learn more about the world of Jewish Studies. In turn, the interns will offer the Stroum Center a clearer sense of current students’ perspectives on how to better engage diverse audiences.

The three internships feature distinct portfolios: Communications, Community Engagement, and Mixed Media. Read on to learn about each Stroum Center intern and her portfolio.

Doria Nelson is the Stroum Center’s Communications Intern. In this role, Doria is responsible for using social and print media to engage students in Jewish Studies programs and courses. She can often be found walking around campus with Jewish Studies flyers in hand, or at student events snapping photos. Doria grew up in the Seattle area and is a first-year student at UW. She has an extensive background in theater and stage management, including working with Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theater. Her academic interests include foreign language, religious studies, and history. Doria plans to pursue a degree in International Studies with a minor in Jewish Studies and intends to study abroad as well. After she completes her studies at UW, Doria hopes to pursue a career in international politics.

Molly Dubow is this year’s Community Engagement Intern. In her role, Molly is charged with further developing connections between students and Jewish Studies faculty. She will also boost ties between Jewish Studies and other campus groups through programs like Feasting with Faculty for students and Tea and Conversation for community members. Molly is also from the Seattle area. Now in her last year at the UW, she is majoring in Public Health and minoring in Nutritional Sciences.

Angela Ugalino is a senior studying Linguistics who first found out about the Stroum Center through taking Hebrew at UW. Formerly a co-coordinator of the Jewish Studies Student Committee, Angela was selected to be the Stroum Center’s Mixed Media Intern this year. In this role, Angela is responsible for helping plan events in the Stroum Center’s Mixed Media series, with a focus on engaging students through the arts and explorations of modern Jewish identity. She looks forward to this new position as an opportunity to be even more hands-on with Jewish Studies events, as well as further connecting the Stroum Center’s offerings to a broader student audience.

We are delighted to welcome these three interns to the Stroum Center. While they have only been working with us for a few weeks, we are already so impressed by their enthusiasm, diligence, and thoughtfulness. Please keep an eye out for our interns—Doria, Angela and Molly—at our upcoming events over the year, and stay tuned for upcoming blog articles by each of them too!

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