We are thrilled to announce that Griffin Taylor and Angela Ugalino will be taking the reins of the Jewish Studies Student Committee (JSSC) starting this fall. Both Griffin and Angela have been dedicated members of the JSSC for the past year (Griffin was a founding member), and they bring tremendous energy, passion, and talent to their new roles as Co-Coordinators. Read on for more on what Griffin and Angela hope to accomplish as leaders of the JSSC.

Angela UgalinoAngela Ugalino, ’16 (Major: Speech & Hearing Sciences)

As co-coordinator of the JSSC, my personal goals are to strengthen my leadership and outreach skills. As part of outreach, I’d like to continue progress we’ve made in the past year, focusing on developing JSSC presence online and at campus events. I’m also really interested in getting feedback from students on what they’d want from Jewish Studies courses, and then communicating that feedback to faculty. By concentrating on its role as a bridge between the curriculum and student interests, the JSSC can assist faculty in keying in on what students are most interested in learning, simultaneously introducing more students to the knowledge, care, and enthusiasm the Jewish Studies Center has to offer.

Griffin Taylor, ’15 (Majors: Speech & Hearing Sciences, Linguistics)

Strong ties between students and faculty are what make the Stroum Center so special. As co-coordinator of the JSSC, what excites me most are the chances to take an active role in continuing this tradition. One way is through providing the faculty with student perspectives that help the program become stronger and more tailored to students’ goals. Another way is by offering students a chance to have dinner with Jewish Studies professors. I don’t know of any other program on campus where these things are possible. Lastly, the vibrant interplay between students and faculty create an amazing sense of community–one that I can’t wait to share with even more students in the coming year.

Want to find out about getting involved in the JSSC? You can email Angela or email Griffin.

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