UW Jewish Studies hires new program coordinator, 2014 UW alumna Rebecca Steelman.

Rebecca Steelman is a UW Jewish Studies alumna who now works at the Stroum Center. Photo by Meryl Schenker.

Meet Rebecca Steelman

The UW Stroum Center for Jewish Studies is thrilled to welcome Rebecca Steelman onto our growing staff! Steelman was hired this fall as our new Program Coordinator, focusing on community outreach, development and donor relations, and event planning.

A native of Texas, Steelman is a 2014 graduate of the UW with a triple major in Jewish Studies, Near Eastern Languages and Civilization, and Political Science. She was also co-coordinator of the Jewish Studies Studies Committee during its inaugural year at the UW. She has a passion for nonprofit leadership, organizational management, and social justice work.

Says Steelman, “As a student in the Jewish Studies program, I was able to explore my love of Jewish culture and history while also gaining a meaningful understanding of my role within the Jewish community and the world at large. Now as a member of the staff, I’m so excited to support and continue building the vibrant Jewish community at the UW and to help others explore the classes and events that made me so passionate about Jewish Studies.”

No doubt, the Stroum Center will benefit greatly from the involvement of a recent graduate who is so well-versed in the UW student experience.


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