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Carob Tree

Reaching for carob is a matter of taste. Courtesy of Thinkstock/









April 30, 2013: Go beard or go home! Before (some) shave their Lag B’Omer beards, we have a fun fable from the Forward about those elusive 49 days of counting the Omer. We’ve also prepared some lessons from the Talmud, and found a fascinating profile of a Bedouin officer in the IDF. Enjoy the sunshine, everyone!

Care about carob? Some background on carob trees, Lag B’Omer, and the distance between Passover and Shavuot.

Israel is the 2nd most educated country in the world — Mazel Tov!

Learning to live in the moment in this week’s Daf Yomi. Adam Kirsch of Tablet explains.

Jews with Beards: “Go Beard or Go Home.”

An intersting profile with the “Bedouin Gatekeeper,” Israel’s highest ranking Muslim in the military in Al-Arabiya.



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