Mouse on the GlobeChange your bookmarks, everyone – the Stroum Jewish Studies Program web site has moved!

Going forward, you can read all our great content at this new address:

This new web address–which essentially means that we are now hosted on the UW server–marks an exciting new phase in our online presence. Over the past two years, the Stroum Jewish Studies Program’s little blog has expanded from a forum for faculty and student reflections, to a full-service program website with course information, event calendars, social media, videos, and more. To support this enhanced suite of online offerings, we have enhanced the capacity of our website.

As the site’s focus has diversified, so has our audience. The Stroum Jewish Studies Program’s online content now reaches readers locally as well as globally. Over 10,000 pageviews from the past two years have come from an incredibly diverse group including students and faculty on the UW campus, Seattle Jewish community members, Jewish Studies fans around the country, and readers half a world away, who find our content via Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Here are just two examples of the kind of connections our online presence is achieving. Our articles on Sephardic Studies regularly get translated into Ladino and shared via Ladino list-serves or Sephardic cultural outlets as far away as Paris and Argentina. And our JewDub Talks videos from 2012, available here and on our YouTube channel, are still going viral and reaching new viewers who want to know, “So Why Yiddish?” or “Why break a glass at a wedding?”

Fostering curiosity, exploration, understanding, and connection–these are the goals of So change your bookmarks, spread the word, and keep coming back for the high-quality Jewish Studies news and conversation that have become the Stroum trademark. We’ve got a lot of great stuff in store for you this year.

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