UW Jewish Studies students at work.

UW Jewish Studies students at work.

What should students learn in an Introduction to Judaism course? History? Texts? Languages? Religious ritual? All of the above, somehow?

The most recent news bulletin of the Association for Jewish Studies (AJS), titled “The Pedagogy Issue,” addressed that question by sharing the perspectives of three professors, including the Stroum Center’s very own director, Prof. Noam Pianko. Pianko titled his response “Ask Big Questions,” inspired by the “Ask Big Questions” project.

The other participants in the debate are Dr. Sarah Bunin Benor of the University of Southern California and HUC-JIR; and Dr. Xandy Frisch of Ursinus College. Each respondent included a sample syllabus reflecting their new twist on the standard Intro to Judaism course.

Read the full discussion at the AJS website!


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