Dawn Yang at the Stroum Center for Jewish Studies 40th Anniversary Gala, May 2014. Photo by Meryl Schenker.

Dawn Yang at the Stroum Center for Jewish Studies 40th Anniversary Gala, May 2014. Photo by Meryl Schenker.

Dawn (Hui) Yang, currently in her fourth year at UW, became interested in Jewish Studies when she took Professor Devin Naar’s Introduction to Jewish Cultural History course during the winter of her freshman year. Dawn, who is from China, appreciated how Professor Naar’s course and subsequent Jewish Studies classes provided her the opportunity to experiences Jewish Studies “outside of the classroom,” through related lectures and programs sponsored by the JSSC (Jewish Studies Student Committee).

Dawn explains that she is so passionate about her major because through Jewish Studies, “I am able to make friends everywhere I go.”

To share her enthusiasm for Jewish Studies with other Chinese language speakers, Dawn volunteered to make a Chinese language flyer advertising Jewish Studies courses at the UW. She indicates that “because China is a secular country…most Chinese do not know about religion” but that, in her view, they should know about the Jewish people. Taking a Jewish Studies course is an opportunity for “Chinese people to learn more about Jewish people and also about American society.”

Check out the flyer below.

Thanks Dawn!



Jewish Studies Poster Chinese Students








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