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From Maimonide of Brooklyn: Credit Rachel Barrett Tablet Magazine

This week the Jewish community suffered a tremendous loss in Toulouse, France. The JewDub Team’s thoughts are with the victims of this attack and the too many victims of other instances of anti-Semitism around the world. Here are a few thought-provoking opinion pieces for your consideration: Haaretz, Slate, and CNN.

On the lighter side, we continue with our food theme this week by offering a link to a fascinating restaurant review where the chef is inspired by Maimonides, the medieval Jewish philosopher,  as well as a pudding made by Muslims to end a fast day during Passover. Then, we take you to Chile, where a “Jewish” soccer star has quite the following, and on to a glimpse of Jewish New Mexico vis-a-vis a family history.

Maimonides and Vegans in Brooklyn? I’m sold.

Rodrigo Goldberg, Chile’s “Jewish” Futbolista, is a fascinating historical enigma for Jews the world over.

Who knew? Sunni Muslims make this pudding on the Day of Ashura, to commemorate the liberation of the Jewish People from Pharaoh.

A fascinating personal narrative of Jewish New Mexico.


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